Fischer Family Medicine

Doctor Cilento has dedicated her entire life to the medical profession and providing the best possible medical care. Having been very ill as a young girl she had extensive dealing with the doctors and hospitals throughout her childhood. She chose to embrace the medical community and devote her life to giving others the care and compassion she received. She graduated at the top her class in high school and college and started her medical education at Philadelphia School of Osteopathic Medicine in Philadelphia, PA. She chose Osteopathy over other forms of medicine because of their holistic approach to medicine. She completed her internship at Johnstown Hospital in PA and did a three year family practice residence at Somerville Hospital in NJ. After graduating she started practicing here at her favorite place, the beautiful Jersey Shore. Living here in Toms River she has raised a family while providing exceptional care to the people of our community.

Dr. Mary Beth Ludwig Cilento

Doctor Mary Beth-Ludwig Cilento is a Board Certified in Family Practice and
​has been a practicing physician for the past 17 years.