Fischer Family Medicine

Debbie comes to family medicine with a background in EMS. Prior to becoming a PA, Debbie worked as a New JerseyState certified Emergency medical technician and later went on to become an EMS educator. She has created training programs, CME classes, and also handled infection control. Debbie also spent some time in Central America as a medical missionary. She provided medical care to those in need in Belize and Guatemala.

Traveling through the jungle at times with only a machete and a backpack of medical supplies, taking care of people was her priority.  She also helped build a pediatric wing on LA Loma Luz hospital in Belize.  Debbie also traveled to Haiti where she taught Patient History & Physical Exam to students in the Physician Extender program.  While in Haiti she also provided healthcare as a volunteer at Hospital Albert Schweitzer.

Debbie Quintana PA

Debbie Q first came to Fisher Family Medicine in 2001 as Student while training to become a PA. She spent three months in clinical rotation working with Doctor Cilento at that time. Doctor Cilento was so impressed with Debbie that she brought Debbie on as part-time employee after she graduated. In a short time patients began requesting and regularly seeing Debbie and she began working full time as she has been for the past 10 years.

Here at home she spends much of here free time doing volunteer work. She has worked at ground zero after September 11th and continually finds ways to use her experience and compassion to help others. When she does get a chance to relax she likes to spend time at home with her family, including her dachshund.